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Our Nursery School for 2 year olds

The JCCMW Nursery School for 2 year olds

Our Nursery school for 2 year olds introduces your little one to classroom life in a warm and nurturing environment.   Choosing a nursery school for your 2 year old is an important decision.  Early childhood education is a big step towards fostering a lifelong love of learning and exploration.  The JCCMW Nursery School will support your child’s social and emotional growth guided by Jewish values and culture.

The JCC’s experienced, credited teachers encourage socialization skills and early learning.  Our approach is play-based learning.  Our 2 year olds enjoy playing with paint, playdough, sand, collage, and a variety of toys designated for large and small motor play.  Each day contains stories and music.

Our teachers and coaches also want your 2 year old to move!  We have a large indoor play areas for those days when we can’t play outside in our recently renovated playground where little ones can climb, slide and enjoy imaginary play.  Our weekly schedule includes gymnastics and physical education and music and creative movement in one of the JCC’s dance studios.

The 2 year olds nursery school provides a flexible schedule, from two half days a week to five days a week.  2’s can also chose to stay for lunch.

We are a welcoming, genuinely inclusive nursery school, where working parents, stay at home moms, nannies, multicultural and multiracial families are all made to feel part of our family.

Call the Early Childhood Director, Caryn Symons, to learn more – (914) 472 7095 – or email symonsc@jccmw.org.

Options for 2’s classes 2020-2021
2 Day 2’s (2 by December 31, 2020)  Monday & Tuesday, 9:00am -11:30am$5,316
3 Day 2’s (2 by December 31, 2020)  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9:00am -11:30am$7,262
5 Day 2’s (2 by December 31, 2020)  Monday – Friday, 9:00am -11:30am$10,103