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Gymnastics 2021-2022 Session Dates and General Information

Winter 2022
Monday, 1/3- Sunday, 3/20 - No classes: 1/1-1/17, 2/19-2/27

Priority Registration- 11/8-11/15 Open registration begins 12/1

JCC General Gymnastics Policies


    • Children must be dropped off with the JCC Gymnastics staff at the door.

  • Masks must be worn at all times

  • Participants should bring a labeled water bottle, as water fountains will be closed

  • All participants will be given hand sanitizer before entering and exiting the gym

  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival 

  • Children will be able to ask their coach for a mask break, if needed, at any time throughout the class.

  • We are not able to offer make-ups for missed classes.  Make-ups for cancelled classes will be determined at the end of each session.


  • We will have lockers available for use during larger classes.  Participants will be assigned a locker on the first day to ease the process of locating a space for their belongings


Covid-19 Attestation form

  • Please fill out the COVID-19 Health Screening Attestation form (attached) and send it in prior to your child’s first day of class. **The form is valid for the whole year (September through June) so long as you follow the protocols outlined on the attestation (See drop-off below)

  • The New York State Department of Health Interim Guidance for Child Care Programs requires all individuals to complete a daily health screening questionnaire before arriving to a child care program or upon arrival to a child care program.

  • If an individual answers “Yes” to any of the screening questions,  they cannot enter the child care program, except as otherwise indicated.  

  • Attestation: I agree that I will self-monitor these symptoms each day, report the outcome to the child care program, and not enter any child care program if any of the above symptoms or conditions are present.


Drop-off instructions (location details differ per class)

  • Please be mindful of the traffic and pull as far up as possible if you are the first car to arrive

  • Once you see the Gymnastics staff outside, you may allow your gymnast to get out of the car to meet them (up to 5 minutes before the start of class)

    • If you do not drive to the JCC, please wait by the green benches with your child until a coach is available

  • Your child’s temperature will be taken upon arrival 

  • If there are parking spots in the lot, you are welcomed to use them and walk your child over to the Gymnastics Staff person.

  • The coaches will begin class 5 minutes after the start time (i.e. 4:30 class will begin stretching at 4:35)

  • Should you arrive after the Gymnastics staff person has gone inside, please proceed to park in main lot, and check in with security.  Another staff person will meet you at the desk to bring you up to the gym


Pick-up instructions (location details differ per class)

  • Please be mindful of the traffic and pull as far up as possible if you are the first car to arrive

  • Once the children have collected all of their belongings from the locker rooms, coaches will walk the the kids out of the building

  • Participants will be dismissed in the order of the cars (if you are the first car to pull up, your child will be dismissed first).  Please do not get out of your car or call your child over to your car.  In order to make this process as safe and as quick as possible, please follow these rules and 

    • If you do not drive to the JCC, please wait by the green benches for us to dismiss your child


JCC Gymnastics Rules of the gym:

  • Respect the coaches, the other participants and the gym

  • Hair must be tied back, out of the participant’s face 

    • For general gymnastics safety, and to keep the gym extra clean, please be sure that the gymnast’s hair is pulled back tightly and securely

  • Leotards are preferred for girls, but tight-fitting clothing is acceptable

    • No socks are to be worn in the gym

    • NO loose-fitting shirts, baggy shorts or pants, skirts, dresses, or jeans

    • Spaghetti strap tanks are also not acceptable

  • Form-fitting tees and shorts are preferred and highly recommended for all male gymnasts
    • Long fitted athletic pants are also permitted
    • NO socks, tights, jeans, or loose-fitting clothing
  • No jewelry should be worn in the gym, especially dangling earrings, bulky bracelets or necklaces of any kind

  • Please no headbands or hats!

  • There is no food or drink allowed in the gym, with the exception of a water bottle. 

  • Do not leave your group without your coach’s permission

  • Wait your turn on designated spaces

  • Stay with your group and coach at all time while in the gym

  • While bathrooms will be accessible, please be sure to have your children use the bathroom before coming to the JCC to avoid missed class time

    • We are limiting the amount of children in and out of the gym, especially to shared locations

    • No more than 2 kids will be allowed to use the facilities at one time

  • Participants should bring minimal belongings into the JCC

    • Only street clothes, outerwear, shoes, water bottle, mask, and any necessary medical supplies should be brought into the JCC

  • Stay safe and have fun!


Our Cleaning and Social Distancing Procedures:

  • Masks are required at all times for all participants and staff

  • Our cleaning procedures:

    • We will fog in between classes throughout the day

    • Weekly cleanings will include cleaning and sanitizing mats, vacuuming and checking all equipment

  • Social distancing requirements

    • Spaces and spots will be laid out for stretch and at events for waiting turns 

    • Children will remain in the same group with the same coach throughout the class.

    • There will be additional staff monitoring protocols and making sure that participants are adhering to all rules of the gym.

  • Lockers for storage of personal belongings:

    • Lockers will be assigned to all larger groups of classes

    • Participants should bring minimal belongings into the gym to avoid contamination

    • Only street clothes, outerwear, shoes, water bottle, mask and bag for mask, and any necessary medical supplies should be brought into the gym

  • Hand sanitizing 

    • There will be hand sanitizing stations at all entrances and exits of the gym which will be accessible between rotations if needed

JCC of Mid-Westchester Refund Policy:

  • JCCMW does not issue refunds unless JCCMW permanently cancels the program/class/event. No refund or discount is given for absence due to illness, holidays, or vacations taken by families, inclement weather closing, or any other circumstances.  The only exceptions to this are:
    – The patron provides a documented medical disability signed by a medical practitioner as the reason for withdrawal from the program
    – Pro-rated requests for families/individuals who are moving away from the area.

  • Requests for the above refunds will be considered only if:
    – The account is paid and up-to-date;  and
    – A written request for a pro-rated refund is submitted to the program/class/event Director for their consideration.   

  • Refunds of less than $500 are subject to a $35 processing fee and refunds greater than $500 to a $50 processing fee (fee is subject to change at any time). JCCMW will make every effort to satisfy all requests and reserves the right to take up to 30 days to reply to requests.

  • Covid19-related closings:  If a JCCMW program closes because of a case of Covid19, at our discretion, we will offer virtual programming and/or remote instruction for the first 30 days.  If the closing continues beyond 30 days, we will provide system credit for the lost instruction.  We will consider requests for refunds for members/patrons whose balance for the program/ membership/ camp/ nursery program has been paid in full