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Dance and Wellness Classes - Fall /Winter 2021

Participants can purchase virtual or in-person classes! 

If there ever was a time to get up off the couch, away from the computer and start moving again, it’s now!   

Adult Tap. Realize your Hollywood dreams. And for those who need a little encouragement, during the month of October, you can bring a friend/partner to class at no extra cost!       Mondays beginning October 4,  7-8pm  Teacher:  Arleigh Rothenberg

Zumba, for those who really like to move it, provides a great aerobic workout. Based on steps taken from Latin dance styles inspired by energizing music from various cultures,  Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness.        Teacher:  Phil Ordonez    Tuesday and Thursday beginning September 23,   10:45-11:45am

Body Sculpt offers a ballet-inspired anaerobic, muscle-toning class, primarily focusing on enhancing core and muscle strength. Participants will burn calories while increasing overall metabolism by building lean muscle.   Teacher:  Fronda Sobel     Wednesday and Friday 9:45-10:45am start date TBD

MELT is designed to Improve balance, enhance body awareness, and release stiffness, chronic pain, and other symptoms often related to repetitive use or  just aging. Participants learn how to release tension and stress with simple exercises in this unique class.  No experience necessary!  Friday 11:30-12:30pm beginning September 24.  NOT AVAILABLE AS VIRTUAL CLASS  Teacher:  Joy Jacobson

TAI CHI is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation. A mind and body discipline that improves balance, health and longevity.  

Monday 11:00-12:00pm All levels are welcome beginning September 20

Sunday 11:00-12:00pm  This class is specifically structured for those who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease beginning September 19  Teacher:  Arnold Breisblatt


YOGA a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices and disciplines that originated in ancient India. Gentle Yoga focuses on breathing, finding your center and stretching with elements of Qigong while Gentle Active Yoga will also include poses and light weights.

Monday  10:00-11:00am  Gentle Active Yoga  beginning September 20

Wednesday  11:00-12:00pm Gentle Yoga  beginning September 22

Teacher:  Carey Samuels 




  • Tai Chi  11:00-12:00pm  Teacher:  Arnold Breisblatt

  • Gentle Active Yoga  10:00-11:00am  Teacher:  Carey Samuels

  • Advanced Beginner Ballet 10:30-11:45am  Teacher:  Jayne Santoro

  • Adult Tap 7:00-8:00pm  Teacher:  Arleigh Rothenberg



  • Zumba 10:45-11:45am  Teacher:  Phil Ordonez

  • Ballet in the Pool  2:00-3:00pm  Teacher:  Kristen McGrew

  • Beginner Ballet 10:00-11:15am  Teacher:  Jayne Santoro



  • Body Sculpt  9:45-10:45am Start date TBD  Teacher:  Fronda Sobel

  • Intermediate Ballet 10-11:30am  Teacher:Kristen McGrew

  • Gentle Yoga  11:00-12:00pm  Teacher:  Carey Samuels

  • Advanced Beginner Ballet 6:45-8:00pm  Teacher:  Camille Rodriguez



  • Zumba 10:45-11:45am  Teacher:  Phil Ordonez

  • Advanced Beginner Ballet 10:00-11:15am  Teacher:  Catherine Barribal

  •      Adult Pointe class 11:15-12:00pm (technique class 10-11:15 required)



  • Body Sculpt  9:45-10:45am Start date TBD  Teacher:  Fronda Sobel

  • MELT 11:30-12:30pm  Teacher:  Joy Jacobson



  • Intermediate Ballet 10:00-11:30am  Teacher:Justin Sherwood

  • Beginner Ballet 11:30-12:45pm  Teacher:  Justin Sherwood



  • Tai Chi  11:00-12:00pm  Specifically designed for those with Parkinson’s disease (but everyone is welcome)  Teacher:  Arnold Breisblatt

  • Intermediate Ballet 10:00-11:30am  Teacher:  Jessica Whitehorne