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Group Swim Classes

Swim Lessons for all Ages at JCCMW!

Fall  2021
Classes start Monday, September 20.
Registration opens August 2.


Winter 2021-22
Classes start:
Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Registration opens: 
Monday November 22, 2021.

No classes: December 20 – January 2; January 17: February 20 – 27 

Spring 2022
Classes start:
Tuesday, March 16, 2022
Registration opens TBA
No classes:  April 16 – 23

We offer online registration for all classes. Please be aware that ALL NEW students for Levels 1-2 and above require an evaluation by our Aquatics Department.   Please click here to request an evaluation so that we can ensure your child is placed at an appropriate level.  We will not be able to guarantee a place without an evaluation, and please note that refunds will be subject to our administrative fees (see our policies information page).


Parent/Child Aquatics - Little Goldfish

6 months – 2 3/4 years

Parent/caregiver and child work together to learn basic skills such as bubble blowing, kicking, big arms, and safety exits.  Through water play, children will become comfortable in the water and parents will learn methods to support the child in the water.  As a reminder, children must wear a swim diaper and adults need a swim cap or baseball cap.

Pre-School Aquatics - not currently offered

3-5 years. This class is for children who are learning how to get comfortable in the water.  Participants learn basic swimming skills: putting their face in the water, blowing bubbles, and moving their arms and legs in the water.  They will also learn FUNdamentals such as back floats, treading water, and jumping into the water.

Ratio 3: instructor. Max 6 children

Level 1

An introduction to water skills that helps participants to feel comfortable in the water. This class teaches basic swimming skills including kicking, arm movements, floating, and jumps. All of these skills are taught with support. We focus on principles such as safe water entry/exit, water buoyancy, breathing control and blowing bubbles, as well as aquatic safety. This class prepares participants to become independent swimmers. Ratio 6: Instructor

Levels 1 / 2 - Water Skills and Fundamentals

Participants in this class will be introduced to the skills used by a Level II swimmer, but will also work on Level I skills that still need to be mastered.
Ratio 6 children: 1 Instructor

Level 2

Participants in this class should be proficient in the skills of our Tadpole class. This is a FUNdamental swimming skills class that allows participants to improve/refine arm and leg movements on their front-side and back, as well as learn how to do a sit dive. Participants are also taught how to tread water, and gain comfort in deep water.
Ratio 6 children: 1 Instructor

Level 3

This class is for participants who are able to swim at least 15 yards without assistance. This is a stroke development class where participants will learn rotary breathing, scissor kick, elementary backstroke, and butterfly kick. They will also be introduced to kneeling and standing dives along with other swimming/water safety skills. Ratio 6: Instructor

Level 4

This class is for participants who are able to swim 25 yards using the following strokes: freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke. This is a stroke improvement class where participants will not only improve their technique but will be taught breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly.

Level 5

Our starfish class is a combined learn-to-swim class where participants should be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, and breaststroke. Swimmers need to have a basic understanding of butterfly. Participants will work on stroke refinement and increasing their speed while keeping a smooth technique. We will also introduce them to the world of flip-turns and circle swimming.  

Rising Rays

A competitive swimming skills class for students who are aspiring swim team participants, thinking about joining a team or don’t have the time weekly to commit to the team. In addition to instructional swimming and diving there is the introduction to team terminology, team swim sets and a competitive component that features “Virtual Race Days” clocking in swim times. During the regular swim team season there will be opportunities to join our JCC Stingray swim team on the pool deck at our home swim meets.