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Pool Summer 2021

Our pool is open for:

– the JCCMW swim team
private and semi-private swim lessons
parent and child classes
– adult lap swimming by reservation only

Adult Lap Swim

We are offering the following monthly memberships. Each membership allows the member to register for 2 hour long Adult Lap Swim times each week. Lap times are Mondays and Wednesdays 7am-2pm, and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 7am-12pm. Registration opens Sunday evenings. The membership can be cancelled or suspended if notice is received in writing by the 20th of month prior.

  • Pool Plus: registration opens at 5pm on Sunday evenings. Membership costs $150 a month per person.
  • Pool 2020: registration opens at 7pm on Sunday evenings. Membership costs $195 a month per person.

Lap Swim Protocols

All pool, health and fitness members will be able to reserve 2 slots a week.  If members reserve more than this, we reserve the right to cancel the 3rd and following reservations.

Registration will open on Sunday for reservations for the following Monday to Friday at the following times: Health/Pool Plus Members – at 5:00pm; Pool Members – at 7:00pm; Fitness Members – at 9:00pm

Because of Covid regulations, and our abundance of caution to ensure the health and well being of patrons, members and staff, we have a limited number of times for lap swim and there are already wait lists for some of our slots.  If your plans change, we ask you give us 48 hours notice of cancellation so we can offer the lane to another swimmer.  Please email Marlena at rykalam@jccmw.org with the date and time you wish to cancel.

No shows are just not fair:  we will charge $50 for a no show.  

Precautions we are taking to ensure everyone’s health and safety:
  • We are cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces with increased effort and frequency
  • Providing hand sanitizers for member use as needed
  • Health and temperature checks for everyone entering the JCC.  LiveSave is a quick and private way to complete the required daily health check on your smartphone – no pens, paper or clipboards, and fast and easy to do.
  • Pool rules remain the same and are posted on our pool deck. In addition
  • Staff, patrons, and swimmers must stay at least 6 feet apart from those they don’t live with, both in and out of the water.  We have set up physical cues, such as lane lines in the water and bleachers on the deck, and
    visual cues, such as tape on the decks, floors, or sidewalks.
  • Pool equipment such as kickboards, fins, noodles will not be available.
  • There is no towel service.
  • Swim caps are required.
  • Changing areas will be available with limitations on our pool deck. One shower will be available for limited use in our family changing room.
  • Members will enter the pool through the silver door in the  main hallway and exit through our emergency exit to provide one direction flow of traffic.