Indoor cycling, ‘spinning’, is a fun way to burn calories, build strength, and improve cardiovascular endurance. Driven by the beat of inspiring music and led by dynamic instructors, the classes are a unique way to meet people and to get yourself into great shape. Join us.

Class Descriptions

Download the Class Schedule here!


Cycling – A 45 minute or one hour class designed both to encourage the beginner and to challenge the experienced cyclist. Each class has a different emphasis (strength, endurance, intervals, fat burning, etc.) to offer a variety of workouts.

CycleQuick – Short on time? This 45 minute cardio blast is perfect for you. Details

Private and small group instruction –  available by appointment.


Adult Fee Schedule

Health Center Members – Unlimited Group Fitness/Cycling classes included
Fitness Center Members – 3 Group Fitness/Cycling classes per week included
10 Class Cards for Non-Health/Fitness Center Members:
$150 introductory rate for new cyclists;
$200 for additional cards.
All cards expire 3 months after the purchase date. Annual Registration Fee and Security Surcharge may apply.
Single Class $25

Email or call for a free trial class!!


Intro to Cycling – Free Class!

Indoor Cycling classes will help you lose weight, get in shape and have fun.
Learn all that you need to know to participate in this wonderful cardiovascular sport, then join us for scheduled fitness classes.
Learn how to set up your bike, how to stay comfortable while cycling, proper hand and body positions. Participate in a warm up, a short “spin”, and a cool down/stretch. Enjoy great music in a fun group setting!



Reservations can be made starting approximately 48 hours before a class.

To make a reservation, stop by or call Checkpoint at 914-472-3300 x325. Checkpoint is staffed whenever the JCC is open (typically 6:00am to 9:45pm on weekdays, with shorter hours on Shabbat and Sundays). If your call goes to voice mail, you can not assume that you have reserved a bike. You should clearly leave your name and phone number and await a return call, rather than assuming that you have successfully placed a reservation. Checkpoint does not accept electronic reservations.

A reservation will only be honored for 5 minutes beyond the scheduled start of a class.

A reservation is an assurance of a bike, but not a guarantee of a particular location within the room.

Reservations reflect a certainty that a reserved rider will attend rather than a “safety net” for a potential rider who might happen to show. If your plans change, call Checkpoint and ask to have your name removed from the list. Habitual ‘no-shows’ may lose the privilege of making reservations in the future.

Annual Registration Fee and Security Surcharge May Apply