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                                                   Contact After School Director, Sylvia Alvarez, for more detail and additional registration information at alvarezs@jccmw.org.   

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What will my child do?

Children will participate in regular active play indoor and outdoor. In addition they will have two specials per day including but not limited to STEM, Gymnastics, Art, Music and Sports. Homework help and asynchronous learning help will be provided in a group tutor setting.

What are your COVID protocols?

We follow all CDC and DOH recommendations. Children will be grouped in PODS and programming will be social distant. Frequent hand washing will be enforced and hand sanitizer stations are available when soap and water are not. Masks will be required with the exception of social distanced active play. Spaces will be vigorously cleaned and fogged prior to and after each use. All supplies will be sanitized before and after use. Bathrooms will be program designated to minimize exposure.

What will my child need?

We ask you send your child with a packed DAIRY ONLY and NUT FREE lunch/snack. A reusable water bottle, water filling stations will be available. Any specific school supplies or tools they may need. Any work, schedules, agendas, or links you need for them to to complete and a mask.

Will you help them with virtual learning?

We will provide limited help for ASYNCHRONOUS work and HOMEWORK HELP. A group lead will circulate the room providing help in a group tutor setting. Any worksheets/supplies they need should be sent in their backpacks.

What specials will they participate in?

Specials will include but are not limited to STEM, arts, music, dance, sports and/or gymnastics.

Thank you for supporting the J.

We look forward to seeing you at the fall FUNdraiser.