JCCMW reserves the right to cancel or modify classes or change instructor assignments. When a class is cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen events,  JCCMW will attempt to contact all scheduled participants. Be sure to indicate your email, and a phone number on the registration form to assist with timely notification. JCCMW will make every effort to offer participants make up dates. There will be no credit or refund for such closings. 

Emergency Closings 

Building closings necessitated by inclement weather or other emergency will be posted on the JCCMW web site, JCCMW Facebook page, and the telephone messaging system. 


Participants may request a credit in medical cases or special hardship circumstances. 

Credits are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, are transferable within the participant’s immediate family, (determined by the same residence) and may be applied to any JCCMW activity within the 12 month period. There is a limit of one time transfer on any transaction. Refund and credit request forms are available at the main desk or through your program/class/event Director or the services desk. Completion of application for a credit/refund does not guarantee same. A fee may be assessed on approved credits. 

Refund Policy

No refunds are given for membership fees, deposits. Program/class/event fees are refundable only if JCCMW permanently cancels the program/class/event. No refund, credit, or discount is given for absence due to illness, holidays, or vacations taken by families, inclement weather closing, or any other circumstances. A patron may be eligible for a pro-rated program/class/event fee refund (less deposit ) provided that (i) all Fees are paid and up-to-date, (ii) the patron provides a documented medical disability signed by a medical practitioner as the reason for withdrawal from the program and (iii) a written request for a pro-rated refund is submitted to the program/class/event Director for their approval. Pro-rated requests for families/individuals who recently moved to the area should be made in person or by reaching out to the program/class/event Director. Approvals for refunds/pro rates/ or discounts must be made by the program/class/event Director. Adjustments in amounts less than $500 are subject to a $35 processing fee and up to $50 for amounts greater than $500. Refunds or credits for amounts exceeding $500 must be approved in writing by the COO or Executive Director. Fee is subject to change at any time. JCCMW will make every effort to satisfy all requests and reserve the right to take up to 30 days to reply to requests for credit/refunds/ adjustments.   

Kosher Policy

JCCMW serves and provides kosher food for all JCCMW programs held in the building. Our minimum standard is packaged food marked with a K and caterers who consider themselves, and are recognized as, Kosher.

Nut Policy

We are a peanut aware facility. JCCMW does not serve foods that contain peanuts or peanut products and asks members and program participants not to bring in food containing peanuts. While all current recommendations relating to peanut allergies have been followed, the JCCMW building is open to the public and therefore cannot guarantee that all surfaces or foods within the building do not have any peanuts or peanut products on them.

Use of Photographs and Video Recordings

Photographs and video taken during JCCMW activities and programs may be used for JCCMW publicity and/or publications. We reserve the right to use all photographs and video recordings.


With the exception of service animals, dogs are not permitted in the building.


Free wifi internet access is available in the JCCMW lobby.

Financial Assistance/Scholarships

JCCMW offers a limited number of scholarships for those in financial need. Please contact Susan Groner at (914) 472 3300 x269 to request an application.

We reserve the right to change or cancel classes, instructors, schedules and/or prices at any time.