2019-2020 Session Dates

Fall 2019: Monday, September 9 – Thursday, December 19
No Classes: 9/29-10/1, 10/8-10/9, 10/12-10/15, 10/21-10/22, 10/31, 11/9-11/11, 11/27*-12/1

Winter 2020: Monday, January 6 – Sunday, March 15, 2020
No Classes:  1/18-1/20, 2/15-2/23

Spring 2020: Monday, March 16 – Sunday, June 7
No Classes:  4/6-4/19, 5/10, 5/23-5/25, 5/29-5/30

Training Program

Our vigorous training program follows USA Gymnastics rules and guidelines. Prerequisites to becoming a member of the JCCMW Gymnastics Team: A natural ability and exceptional talent, hard work and commitment. Have you got what it takes?

These classes are by invitation only and an evaluation is required. Please call to schedule an evaluation if the season has already begun.

Hot Tots (1 hour)

Ages 3-6. Hot Tots is designed for the child who shows exceptional ability in gymnastics and is prepared to master basic skills at an early age.

11 TuesdaysFall 2019$495
9 TuesdaysWinter 2020$405
10 TuesdaysSpring 2020$450
13 ThursdaysFall 2019$585
9 ThursdaysWinter 2020$405
10 ThursdaysSpring 2020$600

Junior Gems (2 hours)

Ages K and up.  This is an invitation-only program is comprised of 3 levels; for girls who show exceptional talent and a natural ability in the sport of gymnastics.  Gymnasts will train at an accelerated and intense rate in which speed, flexibility and strength are incorporated.  Competitive and compulsory structures will be introduced.

11 TuesdaysFall 2019$660
9 TuesdaysWinter 2020$540
10 TuesdaysSpring 2020$600
13 ThursdaysFall 2019$780
9 ThursdaysWinter 2020$540
10 ThursdaysSpring 2020$600

Competitive Teams


*Director permission required.
The competitive gymnastics program is for gymnasts competing in USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic levels 1-10 and Xcel levels Bronze-Diamond. Team members learn advanced gymnastics skills and routines for compulsory and optional USAG levels.   The ultimate competitive gymnastics program for gymnasts competing under the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic and Xcel programs. Our JCCMW Gymnastics team members train at the highest level, display exceptional values within our program and shine as they learn advanced gymnastics skills and routines for the developmental, compulsory and optional USAG and Xcel levels.  Please contact the Director, Tiffany Smith for more information regarding enrollment criteria, evaluation, practice days/times, and pricing.

More information about the Teams can be found in the Handbook here