JCCMW Campers have FUN! Trained educators lead most camp groups, supported by our enthusiastic counsellors. Indoor air-conditioned facilities plus outdoor covered spaces, ga-ga pits, playgrounds, and lawns for lunch and play. Electives and lots of choice for your child make a summer to remember!

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SAC – Summer Arts Center

Summer Camps
camp gadol

Camp Gadol

Summer Camps
ballet class

Dance Intensive

Summer Camps

Summer Swim Camp

Summer Camps

Gymnastics Academy

Summer Camps

Cheer Academy

Summer Camps

CIT/LIT Program


For teens ages 14 &15. The CIT/LIT Experience offers teens the opportunity to gain hands-on counselor training and leadership experience with social action initiatives and weekly trips. CITs that successfully complete our summer program may be invited back as a junior counselor.

See the Policies Page for information on our refund and other policies and the payment schedule for camp programs