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Online Account Management and Registration

Online Registration Step by Step

Logging In

If you have attended an program at JCCMW over the past 5 years, or been a Fitness or Pool member, you have an account in our system. To access it, you need to log in with your email and password. If you have never had a password, Customer Service can send you a link to create a password. Likewise if you’ve forgotten it and can’t reset it, we will send you a password reset link.

If you have any issues logging in, please reach out to Customer Service so we can troubleshoot for you.

Your Account

Click on the “My Account” icon at the top right of the page to see information and options for your account:

Registering for a program

Once logged in, select the program you wish to sign up for. You can either follow a link to a specific program or select from our program categories at jccmw.org/my-account:

You may see a screen that says “Select Member” (the system does not automatically assume that the person who logged in is signing up for a program, as it may be a parent signing up a child).  If you see this screen, click on the grey rectangle with your name or the name of the person you are registering.

Registering for a Package (for Personal Training and Pilates)

You can select the instructor from the drop down menu. Please choose the number of sessions you want to purchase. Click next.

Waivers & Agreements

Next is the page with our waivers and agreements. These vary by program. Click on “Accept and Sign”.


This opens up a blank box for you to sign with a mouse (if on a desktop computer) or a finger if using a smartphone or Ipad.  Click anywhere in the white area and sign (don’t worry if it looks bad!)
Click on the “I agree” box.

You are then asked to Review Registrations. If you are content, click Next. You can also add more programs.

Payment & Confirmation

The last page asks you to input payment – either from a card on file or by entering a new payment method. If you have any system credit, you can apply this to your balance.

Once you complete registration, you will get a confirmation screen that looks like this. You will also get an email confirmation.

Fitness Center Reservations

Please log into your account and select My Account/Schedule a Visit.  Follow the options to select the day and time you wish to come to the Fitness Center.  You can only have TWO reservations at any time.

You can also access the Scheduler here