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Families seeking Jewish identity building and education have an excellent resource at the J. Through a wide variety of classes, workshops, programs and forums, for everyone from young families to older adults, our Jewish cultural programs include collaborations with various agencies that strive to expand the knowledge and understanding of our world through a Jewish lens and shared Jewish values. 

Holiday Celebrations, Jewish Programs and Social Action 

Embrace Jewish holidays and values at the JCC!  Listen to festive music and dip apples in honey on Rosh HaShanah, spend time in the Sukkah, help us light the giant menorah on Hanukkah, help with community service projects for our local neighbors in need, dress up in costumes for Purim, remember the Six Million Jews fallen on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), pay tribute to fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terror on Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) and celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the State of Israel on Yom HaAtzmaut.  Be sure to join us for the Westchester Jewish Film Festival and the Israeli Film Festival and other cultural activities through the year. All are welcome at JCCMW programs regardless of culture, faith, gender, age or sexual orientation.

Humans of Tel Aviv

“How to tell your #Story on social media?”  
The new millennium requires new storytelling tactics. The way we give and receive information via social media has changed how personal stories impact society around us. Join us for a visual journey illustrating the impact of technological storytelling on the world. The talk shows a different approach to how we should tell the stories that we all know. Virtual storytelling can Ignite a spark of curiosity that will lead people to see and explore more. If we tell our stories in a fascinating and unexpected way, we will allow people to learn new things about the world and eventually about themselves. Listen for an eye-opening discussion on the power of digital storytelling.
This workshop gives participants the basic tools necessary to tell the world how it looks through their eyes, and how to transmit communal messages through photography.”
This zoom conversation is actually a workshop that includes two meetings:

April 5th at 11am: Erez gives you the tools you need for being better storytellers and better photographers.   

June 7th at 11am: You will present the pictures and stories that you have captured based on the lessons learned from the first meeting of the full workshop. Erez will analyze, together with the group, the pictures and stories so you will receive feedback on your work.    APRIL ATTENDANCE NOT REQUIRED FOR JUNE PROGRAM

*Note: Erez will be facilitating the program from Israel but participants can join via zoom at home or here at the JCCMW as a group in our Adult Programs Room.

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This program is proudly supported by the Israel Engagement Fund: A JCC Association of North America Program Accelerator

JFest: The Two Lives of Rube Goldberg

Thursday, May 19th @ 8pm on Virtual J

Legendary cartoonist Rube Goldberg (1886-1970), an American born son of German Jewish immigrant parents, was one of the great cultural icons and storytellers of the 20th Century. His drawings of unwieldy fantasy inventions became a fixture of American popular entertainment and cemented his reputation as one of the most influential satirists of The Machine Age. In “The Two Lives of Rube Goldberg,” director Geoffrey George (Rube Goldberg’s youngest grandchild,) explores Rube’s life, as well as the influence of his legacy, which inspires new generations of creative thinkers today. 

The program will include live chat feature with filmmaker Geoffrey George, and other special guests.  

All programs and events for JFest: An Arts Festival for the JCC Movement are made possible through funds granted by The Covenant Foundation, with additional support from The Pertzik Fund for Arts and Culture. 

Free on Virtual J, click here

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Art & Anti-Semitism

Thursday, June 2nd @ 2pm-3:30pm via zoom

When talking about antisemitism, people often think about the Nazi regime and contemporary antisemitism, maybe about the Spanish Inquisition and other events within the past couple of centuries. However, anti-Semitism has been expressed in visual art since the early Middle Ages. This and other types of discrimination were encouraged by political and religious powers, all which paved the way to persecution and genocide. Jews have been depicted as monsters, sub-humans, animals or even demons. 

Join us for this thought-provoking lecture and see an array of paintings, sculptures, reliefs, and gargoyles through the ages, each providing clear evidence of an anti-Semitic agenda. These images were the political cartoons and posters of the age…and most remain visible today. 

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Argentine Jewish Artists

Thursday, June 9th @ 2pm-3:30pm via zoom

Join our professional guide and lecturer Claudia – who created a sensation with her lecture on Art & Anti-Semitism in February – to learn about some of the artists, Jewish immigrants and their descendants, who became significant painters, sculptors, photographers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Review their work, their life stories, and find out about their techniques, their ideas, their main subjects and their compromise with Argentine society, with Human Rights and with their Jewish roots. 

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