Volunteers help the JCC more effectively achieve its mission. You can make a difference by giving your time.

Below are some of the ways that volunteers can help us.

Please contact Susan Groner at groners@jccmw.org if you would like to volunteer, or have ideas about volunteering that are not listed here. There are a few ways to make a difference:

Our Sunday Funday program for developmentally disabled children (ages 4-19) puts on a theater production every year. We need people to help:

  • Sew or support the theater staff with creative costumes
  • Help create or paint sets/props
  • Support the children in preparing for the play–helping them learn lines, sing songs, etc.
  • Become a member of the cultural committee. Select books, films, and/or speakers that you would be interested in seeing at the JCC.

Senior Programming assistance. Help us keep our seniors’ programs low cost by helping our Seniors’ Programming Coordinator find speakers and manage the details that go into producing our Seniors’ Programs.