JCCMW COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

UPDATE: Effective October 3, 2022

The JCC Mid-Westchester encourages all members and guests that visit our facility to be fully vaccinated and boosted against Covid-19 and its variants. Being vaccinated can help to protect you from becoming infected with Covid-19 but, perhaps more importantly, can reduce hospitalizations and deaths from this disease.

Wearing a mask is an individual decision. We encourage patrons to wear a mask to protect themselves and others and to stay home and test if they are showing communicable symptoms.

The JCCMW policies are developed with the input of respected medical advisory personnel and professional staff. Our policies will continue to be reviewed and evolve as our regulators, medical advisors, or government agencies provide critical or new information relevant to public health.

The evolving nature of Covid-19 necessitates that we at JCCMW reserve the right to adjust our health and safety protocols to reflect community conditions. As these adjustments roll out and take effect, we hope you will continue to show the cooperation and patience that has helped keep our community strong. We welcome the opportunity to speak directly with those who have questions or concerns regarding our Covid-19 policies. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].