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Universal Pre-K

The JCC of Mid Westchester is very excited to expand our Early Childhood Programming to include Universal Pre-K!  Universal Pre-K is a free program offered through the City School District of New Rochelle.  Interested families must register through the school district.  For more information on how to register visit https://www.nred.org/universal_prek#gsc.tab=0 

Our Philosophy

Our early childhood programs focus on the importance of play and exploration for child development.  Children are naturally curious and have an innate desire to explore the world around them. Each day our students are given the opportunity to explore our specially designed learning centers, as well as our outdoor playgrounds and indoor gross motor spaces.  Our teachers also offer structured learning activities, which focus on specific learning objectives and allow for academic progress monitoring.  We also offer music, gymnastics, and swimming as part of our curriculum.

We believe in creating an atmosphere of acceptance and diversity.  The importance of teaching our students to be kind, responsible members of society is paramount to what we do as educators. Our Universal Pre-K classrooms are integrated and co-taught by a New York State certified special education teacher and a New York State certified early childhood teacher.  Children who qualify for special services, such as speech or occupational therapy, can receive those services from our licensed therapists during the school day. 

Our Curriculum

The JCC of Mid Westchester utilizes a curriculum that is aligned to New York State’s learning standards for pre-kindergarten. We focus on literacy, writing and math skills as we prepare our students for kindergarten.  Concepts are taught using a variety of teaching methods to best meet the learning styles & needs of all students.

Staff Qualifications

All teachers have a master’s degree and hold teaching certifications from New York State Education Department. Our therapists and our school nurse hold licenses from New York State in their respective professions.

COVID Precautions

A description of our current COVID precautions can be found here

Hours of Operation

Morning Session  8:45 – 11:15 AM

Afternoon Session  12:15 – 2:45 PM

JCC of Mid Westchester offers the option of extending your child’s school day until 2:45, for a nominal fee of $650/month.

Staff to Student Ratio

17:2:1 (17 Students, 2 Teachers, 1 Teaching Assistant)

For more information about Universal Pre-K at the JCC of Mid Westchester please call

Amy Sullivan (914) 725-7300 x821