Summer Gymnastics at JCCMW

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We are excited to spend a great summer with you! We have a lot in store for your gymnasts, and we hope that you can join us.

Summer Gymnastics Classes

Weekly, Daily, or Full Summer Options
June 26–August 11, 2023
9:00 AM–4:00 PM

Meet the Summer Gymnastics Director

Serina Cirillo


Serina first worked for the JCC as an instructor from 2005 to 2009. She then pursued BS in Biology at Seton Hall where she was captain of the university’s dance team. She rejoined us in 2013 as the assistant director and competitive team coach. She brings her significant competition experience earned as a valued and respected member of our program to her work every day. Serina has achieved quadruple certifications from USA Gymnastics and attained the level of Professional Coach. During her tenure at JCCMW, Serina has demonstrated a dedication and enthusiasm for teaching and nurturing our young gymnasts.

Serina Cirillo Gymnastics Summer Camp Director

Rules and Policies


Rules of the Gym

  • Stay safe and have fun!
    • We teach progression and follow lesson plans to ensure the proper form and skills are being taught to each gymnast.
    • Observe the designated waiting areas, safety zones and walking paths to avoid injuries.
    • We may have to wait our turn for a station.
    • When a coach gives a direction, please follow it. We always have your best interests at heart.
    • Do not run through the gym.
    • One person at a time, unless you are told otherwise.
  • Respect the coaches, instructors, staff, your classmates, and the gym.
    • Coaches and instructors are here to teach and guide the gymnasts.
    • Other gymnastics staff members are available for bathroom runs, first aid, and for general help with anything in the gym.
  • Listen and Learn.
    • It's fun to learn with friends, but it is also important to pay attention to instructions so that everyone knows the assignment and any other important information for that day/station/event.
    • When you follow directions, you get the most out of your class and time each week.
  • Do not leave your group or the gym without your coach’s permission.

General Gymnastics Policies

  • Participants should bring a labeled water bottle.
  • Label everything (backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, water bottles, etc.) to make arrival and dismissal easier.
  • All participants MUST be fully potty-trained.
  • While bathrooms will be accessible, please be sure to have your children use the bathroom before coming to the JCCMW to avoid missed class time.
    • Always ask to use the bathroom and someone will always take you there.
  • We will have lockers available for use. Participants will be assigned a locker on the first day to ease the process of locating a space for their belongings.
  • Hair must be securely and tightly tied back, out of the participant’s face.
  • Leotards are preferred for girls, but tight-fitting clothing is acceptable
    • No socks or tights with feet are to be worn in the gym.
    • No loose-fitting shirts, baggy shorts or pants, skirts, dresses, or jeans allowed.
    • Spaghetti strap tanks are also not acceptable as they cause a safety hazard.
  • Form-fitting tees and shorts are preferred and highly recommended for all male gymnasts.
    • Long, fitted athletic pants are also permitted.
    • NO socks, tights, jeans, or loose-fitting clothing allowed.
  • No jewelry should be worn in the gym, especially dangling earrings, bulky bracelets, or necklaces of any kind.
  • No headbands or hats.
  • There is no food or drink allowed in the gym, with the exception of a water bottle.
  • There are no early/aftercare options for this vacation program.

JCCMW Disclaimer


We reserve the right to change or cancel classes, instructors, schedules, policies, and/or prices at any time.