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JCCMW Value of the Month: April


At the JCCMW, our programming is rooted in Jewish values, driven by a mission to strengthen community and inspire joyful lives. Each month, we focus on a key value and weave it into programs across our campus.

April: Caring for the stranger (ahavat ha-ger)

Learn more about this month’s value and then see if you can spot it in action! Reflect on our monthly question.

Monthly Values

September: Willpower (gevurah)
October: Humility (anavah)
November: Gratitude (hakarat hatov)
December: Courage (ometz lev)
January: Caring for the environment (bal tashchit)
February: Peace (shalom)
March: Perseverance (netzach)
April: Caring for the stranger (ahavat ha-ger)
May: Responsibility (achrayut)
June: Wisdom (chochma)
July: Peace in the home (shalom bayit)
August: Love (ahava)

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