The Karen Kolodny Center

for Jewish Culture, Heritage, and Diversity


JCC Mid-Westchester honored its former CEO by establishing the Karen Kolodny Center for Jewish Culture, Heritage, and Diversity, which brings together people of all backgrounds to learn about the richness and plurality that weaves together the beautiful tapestry that is Judaism.

As someone who embraces the beauty of Jewish tradition and cares deeply about the longevity of Judaism, I am honored that a center bearing my name will bring together those within and beyond the Jewish community, engaging those interested in learning more about Judaism.

—Karen Kolodny

JCCs nationwide have the opportunity to play a pivotal role in helping connect those outside the Jewish faith as well as nonreligious Jews with the cultural aspects of our beautiful Jewish heritage. We are proud to be leading an effort in mid-Westchester that is focused on this specific need in our community and are thrilled to be simultaneously recognizing Karen for her numerous contributions to JCCMW.

—Ellen Reinheimer, president of the Board of Directors of JCCMW

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The JCCMW celebrates Jewish culture throughout the year, from a sukkah in the fall to its Nursery School shabbats to the June Israeli Film Festival. Many of our adult programs highlight Jewish authors, academics, and journalists.